Next generation critical infrastructure
will drive the diversification, growth
and development of GCC countries

15 November 2023
About the

Critical Infrastructure Summit

Critical infrastructure connects people and supply chains and is absolutely essential to the smooth running and continued growth of cities and economies. Airports, seaports and land-based transportation systems including road and rail are vital enablers of both basic and the more niche requirements of everyday life.

Whether air, sea or land-focused, critical infrastructure must function like a well-regulated Swiss watch 24/7/365 in step with a city’s requirements at present, and in the future. This means steps must be taken to ensure these critical assets are kept up-to-date and are running efficiently and sustainably in line with a city’s Net Zero goals. In addition, as technology is integrated more and more into these large-scale projects due to digital transformation mandates, it’s vital that owners and operators take steps to protect these vital systems from dangerous cyberattacks. The latter is such a concern that research has found that the critical infrastructure protection (CIPS) market size was US $96.30bn in 2019 and is slated to reach $154.59bn by 2027, with a CAGR of 6.2%.

Given the age of some of the infrastructure in the region and ambitions to diversify and strengthen economies, efforts have begun to reinvigorate airports, seaports, as well as road and rail systems. This includes the development of brand-new assets and/or the upgrade and refurbishment of existing assets, which also covers the integration of technology to boost efficiency, contribute to sustainable agendas, and keep systems resilient in the face of any number of potential issues and challenges.



The Critical Infrastructure Summit will combine high-level panel discussions, keynote speeches and expert presentations to communicate the views of industry experts and change-leaders. The event’s content will focus on several themes including:
  • The challenges of aging critical infrastructure in the region and how they can be improved
  • What new infrastructure is needed to sustain economic diversification and growth across the GCC
  • The role of technology in designing and operating critical infrastructure efficiently and in line with sustainability agendas and legislation
  • Steps owners and operators can take to secure digital systems from a devastating new breed of cyberattacks



Meet representatives from the industry and engage with a captive audience of decision-makers and influencers, who are involved in purchasing or specifying products and services. Our sponsorship packages offer you a wide range of opportunities adapted to your needs and the level of visibility that you want to reach.


With Experts and Peers

This event is an ideal platform to network and interact with respected regional stakeholders including government, project owners, operators, infrastructure specialists, consultants, contractors and technology companies. With several breaks scheduled for networking as well as lunch, you’ll be able to get one-on-one time with panellists and presenters, following on from interactive presentations and Q&A sessions.


Future Leaders

We want to connect minds and empower the industry with the knowledge and insights around the tools and knowledge available to them that will help transform critical infrastructure.







Solution Providers


The one-day event will share a snapshot of critical infrastructure (airports, seaports, land transportation) in the region, identify existing and potential challenges that must be addressed, look at the role technology can play in finding new efficiencies and achieving sustainability goals, and highlight the importance of cybersecurity in the face of a growing digital threat landscape.


Critical Infrastructure

In the past several years, GCC countries have all unveiled ambitious plans to diversify their economies away from hydrocarbons, and critical infrastructure projects are the engines that will drive this change forward. The event will look at how existing infrastructure can be transformed and ask questions about what new infrastructure is needed to sustainably enable diversification mandates.

The transformational

Impact of Technology

Technology has been mooted as a real game changer in terms of the refurbishment of existing infrastructure and the design and use of new assets. Comprehensive digital twin solutions can also play a massive role with regards to the operation and maintenance of assets, in terms of unlocking new efficiencies and driving positive sustainable impact.


In Resilience

Critical infrastructure must keep pace with growing demands and be operational 24/7/365, which means that they need to be built for the future and have robust systems in place to stave off attacks perpetrated by a new breed of motivated cyberattacks.

The Event


The event will bring together the industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations, all of which will be hosted in a live one-day event held in Dubai, UAE. Registration is complimentary for all industry professionals.


Our speakers are critical in underpinning the quality and credibility of the event and its role as a benchmark event for the regional market.

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